“We found Allen from our realtor “Maria” who was excellent by the way,  at first we tried to use our local bank, but soon did we find out that our purchase of a 40 pad mobile home park, did NOT fit any bank product.   So we gave Allen a try, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised,  he got to work pretty quickly, and gave me the docs to fill out, & might I add stayed on my rear end till I got him the docs he needed. lol.. sorry i’m not the computer type.  He got the deal closed, and at a great rate too considering most banks did not even want to listen to us.  Thanks again, Allen sure appreciate it.  We will be coming back again.”

Mario Hernandez
40 Pad Mobile Home Park
Loan Amount $1.2M


“Allen helped me on a weird loan scenario that no one wanted to help me with,  I had 2 multi-family units I bought that were distressed dramatically, but land value alone was worth the sales price.  He got me the loan for the property then more money for the rehab, I ended up getting the property refinanced for a lower rate with him once the homes were livable, and then sold one of the empty lots for 70% of the loan amount, so we all made out with a great profit! Thanks BIG AL!”

2 Multi-Family units (6 units total)
Loan Amount: $330K
Rehab: $150K
Sold for: $1M


“Thanks Allen for the help on my refinance, with the drop in rate we are more comfortable making the payments and staying in business here”

Haroon Mian
Shell Gas Station Houston Texas
Loan Amount: $1.75M
Rate and Term Refinance


“Thanks Big AL for the help on our construction loan, plans are going as planned, we have about 17 of the 40 homes platted already, and laying foundations this week.  When we get 50% of these homes sold, we are coming right back to you, thanks again buddy.”

Livingston James
Austin, Texas
Loan Amount: $3M
Construction Loan


“Allen pulled it off, I went thru a divorce and the courts issued me the house but I had to pay 20k to the EX.  The house is worth 800k, I owed 440K + 20K + closing cost …. Allen saved the day for real!  I would have lost the house and been in big financial trouble.  He got everything refinanced and all liens payed off with a bridge loan with no prepayment penalty.  Mannnnnnnnn thank you Jesus!  Give Allen a try when all the banks say no… he doesn’t quit and doesn’t treat you like a number or a file!”

A. Ramirez

West University (Houston, TX)

Newly Single =) and loving it

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