Medium money is a less risky alternative to Hard Money,  we are proud to present this product to help investors purchase properties – commercial or residential.  Hard money rate start in the 13% range to 18% range, our medium money rates start in the 7% range and our fees are a lot less expensive usually about $3000-$4000 for underwriting and doc fees.
Here are the guidelines

  • 60-75% LTV
    • This means buyer will need 25-40% down
  • NOO – NON Owner Occupied
    • Cannot be his main residence
      • Although he can place this under an LLC, Inc., or estate
  • We do not look at income, thus this is a stated product
  • We do look at credit and this will affect the LTV (Down Payment)
    • We also look at foreclosure history
    • Bankrupt history
    • Mortgage late history