Working from home, can be a blessing but it can also be a curse.  I can hear you already, “A curse? …how?”,  let me explain.  Working from home can cause some serious issues, both in your personal and business life, first it begins as a comfort, then slowly eases into a one sided window with you just looking outside the blinds.  I know first hand that it can also cause some depression,  you miss the group talks at the old water dispenser,  you slip into work mode after a year or two, and cannot get out of work mode.  You can lose since on how to have fun, and why to do it?  Sounds weird, I know but it does happen.  So here are some tips from an experienced home worker;

  1. Set your hours of operation (firm!!)
    1. At end of day disconnect business phone and even mobile phone, and turn OFF your computers.  This is your time to PLAY!  When I say play, I mean
      1. Take a walk in the park, walk around the block,
      2. Go to a happy hour – yes you can have a virgin margarita
      3. Meet with friends for early dinner
      4. Go sit on a patio and just relax
      5. Check out Yoga classes they really help.
  2. Set your break and time
    1. You need your breaks to refocus
      1. Sometimes you need to stop, and figure out why you are doing what you are doing.  Question yourself, you will be surprised on what answers you get. lol
    2. Go for a little walk, get that blood pumping.
      1. You can do some squats, and even some pushups
    3. Leave your phone on the desk or turn it off, this is your “me” time.

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